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At RFID Recruiters we understand the challenge and importance of both finding exceptional leaders and building a strong team - a team with the right mix of talent and chemistry.



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Venture Capital Firms Seeking RFID Candidates

RFID Recruiters (RFIDR) understands the value creation process from company inception through each stage of development to the exit stage of a company sale or Initial Public Offering - and we are deeply familiar with the human capital needs of VC funded ventures throughout each stage.

From the beginning, RFIDR understands that equal in importance to solid funding and a great business plan is the management team - starting with the CEO.  Clearly, the CEO is critical to a new venture's success.  We know that investors don't just bet on the horse (the business plan), they bet on the jockey (the CEO).  RFID Recruiters will attract the best CEO candidate for your RFID venture opportunity.

Right behind the CEO as a critical success factor for your RFID venture is the senior management team.  In addition to a CEO with a strategic vision and strong management skills, every successful startup needs a solid management team including a technology and operations leader who can design, build, deliver, and service your customers, and a marketing and sales leader who can drive the top line while also delighting your customers.  With these three key leaders in place responsibility and accountability for revenue, SG&A, COGS, and P&L become straightforward. 

The people who fill these leadership positions and other senior management roles for your RFID venture are truly as critical as the funding and the business plan.  With our focus on RFID, RFID Recruiters can attract, qualify, and recruit the best RFID candidates - the candidates who can plan and execute in a manner that competitively differentiates your RFID venture and puts it on a trajectory for both high growth and profitability.

At RFID Recruiters we understand the challenge and importance of both finding exceptional players and building a strong team - a team with the right mix of talent and chemistry.  We understand the importance of having a management team that will operate and grow your business in a culture of constructive shared values.  At RFIDR you will get a recruiter who brings more than individual candidates - you will get a recruiting process that is committed to helping you build a management team and an entire company that operates in a healthy and vibrant state of "Think SyncTM".

At RFIDR we know that VCs expect cash to be used prudently.  And we know that venture capital holds the key to extraordinary motivation - stock and stock options.  We act as an extension of your firm to help the best RFID candidates understand the uniquely valuable upside a venture funded startup can offer.  RFID Recruiters will find the leaders you need who are willing to take a calculated risk on annual compensation in return for the opportunity to build enduring value.

At RFID Recruiters we believe that the best RFID employees are those who have the creativity, knowledge, skills, and experience needed for the introduction of new technology and new applications.  RFIDR recruits candidates who have the instincts needed to successfully design, develop, package, and promote new RFID capabilities as valuable and differentiated products and services.

The hallmarks of an RFIDR candidate are expertise and balance.  RFIDR candidates have deep expertise within their business or technology discipline.  Additionally, RFIDR candidates recognize that business and technology must be balanced with one another to create success.  We deliver RFID candidates who are the best at what they do and who deliver results.

We start by working closely with you to specify what your venture company needs done, then we use our focus on the RFID field to draw from our expansive view of candidates with RFID expertise.  By selecting RFID candidates who not only meet your job specs but also your value specs we deliver candidates who fit your needs for today and tomorrow.  At RFIDR our goal is to provide candidates who become your best employees.


How to Get Started With RFIDR

The First Step in Finding Your Candidate

At RFIDR we believe in efficient but personalized service.  Depending on your preference, we can gather your requirements via telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343) or email us at


RFIDR Service Fees

RFIDR provides recruiting services at no charge to candidates.  All recruiting fees are paid by the hiring company.  Please feel free to call or email for a hiring company service fee quotation.

All information is maintained in the strictest of confidence.  We will follow-up promptly to address your requirements, including a service fee quotation.   If you have questions, or if RFID Recruiters may be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us via email at or telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343). 

RFID Recruiters

The Best People for the Next Big Thing

800-982-RFID (7343)


About RFIDR | RFIDR Services | for Companies | for VCs | for Individuals | Example Candidates | Quick Start | Contact

I don’t have time to read the whole web site - what should I know about RFID Recruiters?

RFID Recruiters is focused on recruiting professionals for RFID and related fields, worldwide.

Specifically, RFID Recruiters finds and recruits employees for companies engineering, manufacturing, marketing, selling, implementing, supporting or using passive and/or active RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and related technologies, products, applications and services.  RFID Recruiters provides personnel at all levels from senior management to entry levels who have expertise at each stage of the vertical integration and value creation continuum including semiconductors, tags, sensors, smart labels, readers, printers and printer applicators, middleware, application software, system integration, consulting, and full solutions.  Additionally, through our NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters business units we provide specialized recruiting services for the technology fields we believe are most adjacent to and important to the evolution of RFID.

RFID Recruiters believes that RFID tags are basic building blocks and the volume enabler of Ubiquitous Networking and Pervasive Computing.  We believe that RFID and related edge technologies including NFC, sensors, and M2M plus Cloud Computing and Networking will dramatically extend the reach of Information Technology.

The mission of RFID Recruiters, NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters is to help the best companies and the best individuals find one another in a manner that brings into being the best RFID, NFC, sensor, M2M, and Cloud technologies, products, applications, and services.  If you are looking for a recruiter (headhunter) because you would like help with finding the best RFID and related expertise, or because you would like to search for a new  job  - our job specializes in helping you find the best expertise and opportunities, worldwide.  Our goal is to be the best recruiting (headhunting) firm, for RFID and related expertise, worldwide. 

Our focus is on finding and recruiting the best candidates for the best opportunities. 

If you are looking for a recruiter, please email or call us today.  We look forward to being of service to you.

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