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Individuals Seeking RFID Career Opportunities

RFIDR knows what top flight candidates are looking for:  the complete package.  If you are a leader in RFID and would like to put your energy to work for a company that will appreciate, magnify, and reward your talents, we have the ability to find the career opportunity you are seeking.  RFIDR knows that the best candidates want a company with a culture and values they admire, products and services they would be pleased to have their customers use, and the personal and financial recognition that come from consistently performing in a superior manner.  Outstanding work should be both rewarding and enjoyable.  At RFID Recruiters our goal is to represent companies that can provide truly exceptional career opportunities.

We suggest you read the following
Resume Preparation and Submission Instructions
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click here and follow the process.


Resume Preparation and Submission Instructions                

 How to Get Started With RFIDR

   The First Step in Finding Your New Company

At RFIDR we believe in efficient but personalized service.  We encourage every exceptional individual in the field of RFID to start by submitting your resume to RFID Recruiters.        

Please make sure your resume includes:

  • your name, email address, telephone number(s), and mailing address

  • a concise description of your objective including your preferred area of responsibility & expertise
    - this should be a one or two line statement of the job responsibility and career you are seeking in the RFID field; if possible, include the verticals/industries which you desire to address

    examples:  RFID Software Developer with RFID Middleware Expertise Focused on the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, or RFID Sales Executive with Integrated Bar Code/RFID Tag Printing Expertise Focused on the Automotive Vertical, etc.

    - your objective is important:  state what you truly love to do, and then make sure the rest of your resume shows why you are ready to perform in that capacity - both for a quick scanning reader and an in-depth reader

  • your work history including employer's company name and the positions held with dates
    Important - for each position be sure to include two sections:

   - your responsibilities (the more quantifiable the better)

   - your accomplishments (the more quantifiable the better)

  • your education and other relevant information

  • Note:  before submitting your resume, please save your resume
    as Lastname Firstname RFID Recruiters.doc

    for example, Smith Susan RFID Recruiters.doc
    or Wilson Robert RFID Recruiters.pdf

The exact layout of your resume is not overly important as long as it is professional in appearance and it includes the items specified above.

Please submit your formatted resume in a Word (.doc) or a .pdf file via the RFID Recruiters Candidate Portal at

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email or call us any time. Email inquires should be sent to, or feel free to call us at 800-982-RFID (7343).

We are recruiters, but we are also coaches.  We admire kindness, enthusiasm, creativity, and ambition along with knowledge, skill, experience, consistent results, and trustworthiness.

* A Note Regarding Our Receipt and Confirmation of Your Email:
Our system scans for viruses; as a result, we receive some emails that don't make it through our scanning process.  If you don't receive a confirmation of our receipt of your email, please please feel free to call us.

Further Thoughts on Resume Format

If you are sure you are a good RFID candidate but you aren't sure what a good resume looks like, here are two books that can help you convey your expertise:

Asher's Bible of Executive Resumes & How to Write Them by Donald Asher

Gallery of Best Resumes, 3rd Edition by David F. Noble

A few dollars invested in these books and a couple hours applying their advice might be quite helpful in making your best impression.  It's a competitive world and employers can choose from among candidates with both good substance and good form.  Give yourself every legitimate advantage.

Free and Confidential Service for Individuals

RFID Recruiters does not charge individuals for our services.  All recruiting fees are paid by the hiring company.  You simply need to email us your resume - which will accelerate our ability to discover you.  RFID Recruiters will never reveal your identification to a prospective hiring company or anyone else unless you choose to pursue an opportunity.  If you have questions, or if RFID Recruiters may be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us with questions (not resumes) via email at or via telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343).

Your best next step is to submit your resume via the
RFID Recruiters Candidate Portal at

Two Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the hottest opportunities within RFID right now?

    Currently, RFID is growing across the board from technology to business positions.  At the moment, the candidates with the following backgrounds are very hot:

  • senior executives and business unit managers (key criteria:  ability to translate vision into a strategy that can be executed in a manner which successfully builds a cohesive organization while driving customer satisfaction and revenue, productizing repeatable offerings, gaining market share, and managing cash flow according to plan)

  • supply chain, asset management, access control, and workflow automation solution development experience (key criteria:  strong vertical expertise including healthcare, automotive, heavy equipment, transportation (ground, sea, and air), energy, DOD/government, and others; ability to develop compelling and competitively advantaged customer value propositions including ROI based proposals key)

  • senior sales management expertise (key criteria:  proven track record of bringing new solutions to market, building/managing teams, quota attainment, and strong sales management process methodologies)

  • product line management/product marketing (key criteria:  deep and broad experience from strategy development to MRD and PRD management to packaging, positioning, and promotional skills, to sales force training and and support skills)

  • mixed use (analog+digital) tag and system design management (key criteria:  hands-on analog and digital design abilities in addition to engineering management skills; hands-on experience with state of the art RF tools is key)

  • middleware/application product development (key criteria:  deep software knowledge plus experience/contacts/relationships with key RFID channel players and end users; SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft experience are key)

  • project management (key criteria:  experience installing and integrating RFID, mobility, and other edge technologies with ERP and other enterprise apps; SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft experience are key)

If you are a leader in these areas, or if you are a leader in any aspect of RFID, follow our resume preparation and submission instructions above.  Opportunity is knocking.

  • What if I am the best (Sales Executive, Product Line Manager, Web Services Software Architect, etc.), but I don't have RFID experience... how can I get into the RFID field?

    Answer (click here)

About RFIDR | RFIDR Services | for Companies | for VCs | for Individuals | Example Candidates | Quick Start | Contact

I don’t have time to read the whole web site - what should I know about RFID Recruiters?

RFID Recruiters is focused on recruiting professionals for RFID and related fields, worldwide.

Specifically, RFID Recruiters finds and recruits employees for companies engineering, manufacturing, marketing, selling, implementing, supporting or using passive and/or active RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and related technologies, products, applications and services.  RFID Recruiters provides personnel at all levels from senior management to entry levels who have expertise at each stage of the vertical integration and value creation continuum including semiconductors, tags, sensors, smart labels, readers, printers and printer applicators, middleware, application software, system integration, consulting, and full solutions.  Additionally, through our NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters business units we provide specialized recruiting services for the technology fields we believe are most adjacent to and important to the evolution of RFID.

RFID Recruiters believes that RFID tags are basic building blocks and the volume enabler of Ubiquitous Networking and Pervasive Computing.  We believe that RFID and related edge technologies including NFC, sensors, and M2M plus Cloud Computing and Networking will dramatically extend the reach of Information Technology.

The mission of RFID Recruiters, NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters is to help the best companies and the best individuals find one another in a manner that brings into being the best RFID, NFC, sensor, M2M, and Cloud technologies, products, applications, and services.  If you are looking for a recruiter (headhunter) because you would like help with finding the best RFID and related expertise, or because you would like to search for a new  job  - our job specializes in helping you find the best expertise and opportunities, worldwide.  Our goal is to be the best recruiting (headhunting) firm, for RFID and related expertise, worldwide. 

Our focus is on finding and recruiting the best candidates for the best opportunities. 

If you are looking for a recruiter, please email or call us today.  We look forward to being of service to you.

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