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At RFIDR our goal is to provide RFID candidates who become your
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RFIDR Services for Companies:

RFID Candidates

RFID Recruiters (RFIDR) finds many candidates and many candidates find us.  Presented here are some example RFID candidates:

RFID new market applications and product launch CEO.  Information technology executive with 6 years CEO experience including 3 years as RFID CEO.  Proven track record in leading large-scale programs with revenues up to $200 million.  Patented and directed development of first RFID logistics application with major overnight courier.  Appointed member of the 2004 U.S. Postal Service mailing industry incubation initiative to provide new application solutions using RFID and the U.S. Mail.  RFID experience draws on over 20 years of hands-on experience and success in orchestrating large, complex product development projects and technology development programs as well as strong marketing expertise.  Raised over $40 million in equity funding.   

RFID Chief Technology Officer
Visionary with RFID technology and application development expertise.  RFID innovator with 12 personal patents plus other team patents issued and pending in core RFID technologies as well as related business processes.   Expert in RFID product development for asset management, security, and logistics applications.  Deep and wide experience with virtually all facets of overall RFID systems architecture, hardware, and software development including RF design and ASIC specification.  Experience with both commercial and government markets.  

RFID Marketing/Consulting Executive Vice President
RFID marketing/consulting executive responsible for revenue generation leveraging world-class supply chain management and IT experience.  Strategic leader with both revenue generating and operations experience has built companies from start-up to over $1 billion in revenue per year.  Additionally, over 5 years Big 4 consulting experience as subject matter expert on IT/RFID  strategy and supply chain optimization.  RFID strategist with comprehensive experience in complete project management, including RFID implications for manufacturing, forecasting, demand planning, distribution, inventory optimization strategies, POS strategy, business intelligence, distribution, fraud elimination, technology selection, and integration management.  Expertise in defining market and product/service requirements, developing and promoting differentiated value propositions, structuring and executing go to market strategies, and securing profitable revenue objectives for offerings to Global 1000 companies with focus on CPG, retail, transportation, and manufacturing.  Experience includes work in U.S., Europe, and Canada.  

RFID Product Line Manager
Invented and brought to market one of the preeminent applications of RFID - a patented application that is well known throughout the United States by both the RFID industry and consumers.  Major retail and manufacturing experience with ability to develop and execute plans at both the strategic and tactical levels.  Also a leader in sensor standards development.  Products and markets  developed support over $350 million in transactions per year.  Strong sales skills plus exceptional business development/channel development skills.  Skilled at managing inbound market requirements and product specifications; can also develop outbound promotional campaigns.  Product development methodology focuses on driving revenue while simultaneously managing the development of an extendible platform-based product line or service family. 

RFID Chief RF Engineer
This RFID Recruiters candidate brings RF expertise in the design, testing, and implementation of readers, antennas, tags, and system architecture.  BSEE with specialization in antenna and microwave design.  Eight patents since 2000, plus two patents pending.  Experienced with both case/pallet level RFID systems in the UHF band and item level RFID tagging at 13.56 MHz.  This candidate is strong at both the theory of RF design and the hands-on implementation and field support of RFID solutions.  This candidate’s solutions are focused on achieving performance and quality objectives at the lowest possible cost – this candidate brings technical depth and a business orientation including strong interpersonal skills.  Candidate prefers Northeast opportunity but is willing to consider relocation.

RFID Sales and Business Development Executive
Over 15 years experience selling RFID and AutoID solutions to end users and developing channel partners.  Average lifetime annual quota production of 121% attainment.  Sold solutions to early adopters as reseller of Motorola RFID solutions in early 1990’s.  Most recently, sold RFID solutions to clients meeting mandated Wal-Mart and Department of Defense compliance.  Certifications in AutoID and RFID including Intermec, Symbol, PSC, Zebra and various RFID tag types.  Over 15 years experience selling in supply chain manufacturing and distribution environments.  Over 12 years experience in the ERP market space with JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and SAP environments.   Added, developed and managed over 250 Fortune 1000 accounts with over 140 being Fortune 500 accounts.

RFID Product Marketing Manager
RFID supply chain evangelist with vertical expertise in manufacturing, auto, hi-tech, CPG/retail, and life sciences industries.  7 years experience in product marketing with responsibility for RFID, supply chain, and ERP solutions at major computing platform manufacturer.  Responsibilities include evangelizing, qualifying, and directing major accounts into RFID lab engagements that result in successful adoption of RFID applications and further revenue generation.  Increased sales revenue by 70% through expanding customer base by developing and implementing RFID supply chain solutions with partners.  Increased customer satisfaction 50% by designing and introducing service level agreements and customer loyalty programs.  Experience includes work in U.S., Europe, and India.

RFID Consultant/Business Analyst/Product Manager
MIT Master of Engineering in Logistics, studied under co-founder of MIT Auto-ID Center. Study and project emphasis on developing business case on RFID implementation for
Wal-Mart suppliers.  Coursework in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Strategy, Database, Internet & Systems Integration Technologies and Business impact of RFID including physics of RFID, system architecture, and Physical Markup Language.  Projects included developing RFID based system for locating ink cartridges at major office goods retailer.  Identified major areas with RFID impact and quantified the savings, mapped current processes and developed RFID-enabled processes for locations of a major consumer products manufacturer and a major grocery chain.  Other work included analysis of backroom processes at a major retailer and quantification of the impact of inventory visibility.  Willing to relocate within U.S., Europe, and Asia.

NFC, Sensors, and M2M Candidates Plus
Cloud Computing & Cloud Networking Candidates

In addition to recruiting RFID candidates RFID Recruiters provides recruiting services designed to recruit candidates with expertise in adjacent fields including NFC, sensors, and M2M, plus Cloud Computing and Cloud Networking.  Whether you are seeking candidates with expertise in one of these fields or with expertise across a combination of these these fields we would be happy to work with you and your team to recruit the best possible candidates for your requirements. 

To better understand why RFID Recruiters started our recruiting business with a focus on RFID, why we believe "RFID tags are basic building blocks and the volume enabler of Ubiquitous Networking and Pervasive Computing" - and to better understand our perspective on the evolving relationships between RFID, NFC, sensors, M2M, and Cloud Computing, please see:

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At RFID Recruiters we believe in efficient but personalized service.  If you are interested in our key candidates or if you would like to discuss other requirements please contact us via telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343) or email us at

RFID Recruiters Service Fees

RFID Recruiters provides recruiting services at no charge to candidates.  All recruiting fees are paid by the hiring company.  Please feel free to call or email for a hiring company service fee quotation.

All information is maintained in the strictest of confidence.  We will follow-up promptly to address your requirements, including a service fee quotation.   If you have questions, or if RFID Recruiters may be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us via email at or telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343). 

RFID Recruiters

The Best People for the Next Big Thing

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About RFIDR | RFIDR Services | for Companies | for VCs | for Individuals | Example Candidates | Quick Start | Contact

I don’t have time to read the whole web site - what should I know about RFID Recruiters?

RFID Recruiters is focused on recruiting professionals for RFID and related fields, worldwide.

Specifically, RFID Recruiters finds and recruits employees for companies engineering, manufacturing, marketing, selling, implementing, supporting or using passive and/or active RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and related technologies, products, applications and services.  RFID Recruiters provides personnel at all levels from senior management to entry levels who have expertise at each stage of the vertical integration and value creation continuum including semiconductors, tags, sensors, smart labels, readers, printers and printer applicators, middleware, application software, system integration, consulting, and full solutions.  Additionally, through our NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters business units we provide specialized recruiting services for the technology fields we believe are most adjacent to and important to the evolution of RFID.

RFID Recruiters believes that RFID tags are basic building blocks and the volume enabler of Ubiquitous Networking and Pervasive Computing.  We believe that RFID and related edge technologies including NFC, sensors, and M2M plus Cloud Computing and Networking will dramatically extend the reach of Information Technology.

The mission of RFID Recruiters, NFC Recruiters, Sensor Recruiters, M2M Recruiters, and RF Cloud Recruiters is to help the best companies and the best individuals find one another in a manner that brings into being the best RFID, NFC, sensor, M2M, and Cloud technologies, products, applications, and services.  If you are looking for a recruiter (headhunter) because you would like help with finding the best RFID and related expertise, or because you would like to search for a new  job  - our job specializes in helping you find the best expertise and opportunities, worldwide.  Our goal is to be the best recruiting (headhunting) firm, for RFID and related expertise, worldwide. 

Our focus is on finding and recruiting the best candidates for the best opportunities. 

If you are looking for a recruiter, please email or call us today.  We look forward to being of service to you.

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